About our Artisans and Vendors

Lavender and Sage sells a curated line of artisanal wares that provides support to struggling communities while filling your home and your life with, yes, handcrafted goods that you will love to have and to give.

The artists who make our products in many cases have no source of income other than selling their wares. Often, they are food-challenged and live in difficult quarters, whether in the US or abroad. They are paid a fair wage to create their work. We buy it either directly from them, or from a supplier who abides by the Fair Trade Agreement

When we created our company, one of the main goals was to give back to the people in these communities. We may not be able to change the whole world, but we can impact the world of our artisans and their families.

We believe in fair wages, dignified work, and sustainable practices. 

You will love buying our beautiful products because your purchase will enrich the lives of women and their families. The fact that you will get compliments galore and feel like a rockstar wearing, using, or gifting these items is really just an added bonus.